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Eight Centuries/Carmina Burana - Concept and Direction
These performances were commissioned by the Salisbury Festival to commemorate the restoration of the western face of Salisbury Cathedral. Eight Centuries involved eight ensembles playing music from the C13th to the C20th to picnickers in the Cathedral Grounds. Artisans, whose work would have been used in the cathedral, demonstrated their skills and sheep, cows, llamas, horses, goats and dogs paraded around the green. When the sun set, the audience of 6000 took their seats in the grandstand for a concert of Carmina Burana , accompanied by projections on the cathedral and played by the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra conducted by Robert Ziegler. The event was broadcasted as part of BBC TV Music Live. Projections and lighting by Simon Corder and Patrick Watkinson, sound by John Del'Nero and costumes by Katy McPhee.

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